April Feature: Other Texas Fun 

Sometimes we see events that we would 100% list in this newsletter, but then we realize that they’re actually happening in Amarillo or Granbury or something and it is DEVASTATING. For whatever reason, this month seems especially full of them. Every one of our April weekends is spoken for, so we cannot roadtrip to any of these events, but perhaps YOU CAN. If you do, we will be jealous; please report back.

April 11-14: Art Car Parade in Houston (170 miles from Austin)
The Art Car Parade started in 1988 and now it consists of 250+ tricked-out vehicles (from cars to “bicycles and unicycles to lawnmowers to cars and go-carts”). If there’s one thing we love, it is an unlikely repurposing. Take something normal (a car) and turn it into something unique (a rolling rhinoceros). This is what we live for!

April 13-14: Lubbock Arts Festival (370 miles from Austin)
The “Texas Festivals & Event Association,” an institution we had never heard of before this moment, selected this fest as the BEST IN TEXAS in 2021, 2022, and 2023! Will they defend their crown in 2024? What went wrong in 2020? WE DON’T KNOW. But please go admire “paintings, drawings, pottery, fiber goods, jewelry, glass, woodworking, and sculpture” from 100+ artisans. While you’re in Lubbock, say hi to Buddy Holly for us.

April 27: Thru the Chute in New Braunfels (50 miles from Austin)
OK, here’s the deal: People build themed cardboard boats. Then they send them down the tube chute on the Comal, and many of them disintegrate but some of them survive and those we guess are the winners? Look at these photos of hand-crafted boats and tell us this isn’t genius.