Lite + Brite: 54 Fluorescent Austin Events 10/20

Hello, what’s up, and welcome to the Lite + Brite newsletter.

Let us be the first to acknowledge that this week’s newsletter has an absurd number of events. Usually we aim for a sweet spot of between 27 and 36. But the rule is just that we’ll keep going until we run out of time and/or good events, and this week that happened at 54.

What can we say? It’s peak October! Halloween is in full swing with séances, drag, cabaret, ghosts, pumpkin carving, pumpkin painting, pumpkin smashing, and, of course, Vampirates of the Caribbean. (We are suckers for a good portmanteau.) You can celebrate the holiday on bike or on foot. Is that not enough Halloween options for you? Then visit our Halloween spreadsheet, which has well over a 100 spooky events with more being added every day. As you can tell, this is not the season of our best self-restraint.

Speaking of our Halloween spreadsheet, y’all, KXAN interviewed us about it! How cool is that?!

If you feel like Halloween should be a one-day occasion for children, firstly of all you are wrong, and secondly of all we have plenty of non-Halloween events for you. There are so many animal encounters to be had. We’ve got pigs! Goats! Dogs racing! Dogs in costume! Dogs with facial hair! Fungi, which, as previously mentioned, is not technically an animal but is still much more sentient than I personally am comfortable with!

Do you want *items*? Well, this week you can also acquire art created by people experiencing homelessness and art created by incarcerated people, as well as more VHS tapes, vintage costumes, goods made by local Filipino businesses, and the 29th issue of a local nudie mag. For details on all this and so much more, scroll down. You see now why this week’s issue is so damn long!

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Let’s do fun stuff!

—Leila + Brian


Our dance party in the dark, No Lights No Lycra, is back next Thursday 10/26 at West China Tea for an extra-dark Halloween edition. It gets good and dark in there and guest DJ Phildoesit will be spinning spooky tunes with his many PA speakers of darkness. Wondering what sort of music you might hear? Listen to a live recording of our last edition here or scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for a track listing.

No Humans Allowed got caught up in indie sleaze which led to a fairly sleazy episode full of early 00s dancepunk and electroclash. Listen to SCSI Sleaze in the Kpiss archives. NHA broadcasts live every Wednesday at 6pm CT on

What is No Lights No Lycra?
Austin’s twice-monthly, judgment-free, substance-free, high-impact dance thing in the dark. It’s a DJ night that’s not at the club, a workout that’s not at the gym, a personal meditation that’s anything but silent. It’s produced by us, your kindly L+B overlords, and usually one or the other of us is on the hook for DJ duties. Read more about us in the Austin Chronicle. You can listen the kind of music we play over on Brian’s Mixcloud.


Friday 10/20

Saturday 10/21

Sunday 10/22

  • Tree of the Year Bike Tour on the Boggy Creek Greenbelt
    Check out the crème de la crème of Austin’s trees on your bicycle
  • Cthonic Salon at Velvet Casket
    Learn about demonic pacts + get advice on making deals with the devil
  • Ouija Workshop at Ani’s Day and Night
    Learn the history of ouija in this ouirkshop + ask the spirits some questions
  • ClimateCon at the Cathedral
    Yoga, art builds, games, + letter writing to help protect the environment
  • Filipino Day Market at Austin Beerworks
    A market of Filipino-American + community vendors, plus drinks + eats
  • Pumpkin Painting with Goats and Mini Pigs at Vista Brewing
    Painting a pumpkin is nice, but pairing it with some adorable farm critters? Even better
  • Great Pumpkin Smash at Central Machine Works
    World got you down? Take it out on some hollow gourds with a big ol hammer
  • Vintage Costume Yard Sale at Coco Coquette
    Vendors selling vintage costumes, costume upcycling, + “wig whisperers and makeup magicians”
  • Howl-o-ween at Cheer Up Charlie’s
    Brigitte Bandit hosts a pet costume contest w/vendors + food
  • Texas Arts and Music Festival in Brenham, TX
    Travel out to Brenham to take in artist duels, live music, + live street art
  • Art from the Streets at Blue Genie
    See + buy works by artists experiencing homelessness
  • All Souls Cabaret at Austin Playhouse
    Live performances of spooky classic musical theater
  • 17th Anniversary Comedy Carnival at ColdTowne
    Improv comedy, circus games, + karaoke

Monday 10/23

Tuesday 10/24

Wednesday 10/25

  • Werewolf Costume Contest at Meanwhile Brewing Co.
    Dress up your furry friend for a costume contest, + doggy tarot, vendors, DJ

Thursday 10/26

No Humans Allowed 167
SCSI Sleaze

This week on No Humans Allowed, we’re investigating the sleaze with the scuzziest (or SCSI-est) turn of the millennium electro and dancepunk. Press play + be sure to bring a clean towel.

Stream SCSI Sleaze

Condor – Gleaming the Cube
Crossover – Phostographt
Goudron – Grand River Ver.1
DMX Crew – End of the Night
Fairlight Children – Falling Out
Lifestyle – Secret Club
WhoMadeWho – Rose
Jolly Music – Radio Jolly (Adult. De-funked Remix)
Kaos – Lessons in Love (ft. Erlend Øye)
Chicks on Speed – Eurotrash Girl
Antonelli & Miss Kittin – The Vogue
The Juan Maclean – Give Me Every Little Thing
Black Leotard Front – Casual Friday

No Humans Allowed is Brian Blackout’s award-winning, dodgy European news coverage receiving, weekly robots-themed radio show on internet station Machine vibes 4 machines. Songs for robots, androids, mandroids, cyborgs, AIs, cylons, skinjobs, roombas, wifi routers, smart devices, anything colored Bondi blue, and virtual assistants. Humans not required. Broadcasts live every Wednesday at 6pm CT on, with over 150 episodes now streamable in the archives on topics like and Beach SimulationsRoomba dance partiesundersea adventures + Cyber Texas.

No Lights No Lycra ATX 156
w/Brian Blackout

Recorded live in the dark at West China Tea House on October 12, 2023.

Listen to No Lights No Lycra 156

The Preatures – Is This How You Feel? (Classixx Remix)
Ten Fé – Twist Your Arm (Lindstrøm & Print Thomas Remix)
Justin Timberlake – Love Sex Magic (demo)
Fontaines D.C. – A Hero’s Death (Soulwax Remix)
Carly Simon – Tranquillo (Young Pulse Rework)
Eddie Kendricks – Goin’ up in Smoke (Super Value Edit)
Donna Summer – On the Radio
Kelis – Bossy (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke Remix)
Cassie – Me & U (Eli Escobar Remix)
Waffles – 007A
C+C Music Factory – Just a Touch of Love
Haddaway – What Is Love
The System – You’re in My System (Kerri Chandler Remix)
Mylo – In My Arms
Tatsuro Yamashita – Silent Screamer (Max Mason & Nayla Rework)
Eiffel 65 – Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Kate Bush – Suspended in Gaffa
Japanese Breakfast – Be Sweet
!!! – One Girl / One Boy
Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place (Psychemagik Naive Edit)
Home – All at Once


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How do we choose which events to feature?

Honestly, it’s pretty random. We might include anything in Austin that we, personally, would conceivably want to go to, generally excluding normal concerts, comedy shows, and movie showtimes because there are many other good resources for finding those. (We especially recommend Showlist for live music, The Darker Side of Austin for goth and metal stuff, and the 60+ Weirdest Things in Austin for exactly what it sounds like). This list is by no means exhaustive; it’s just stuff that caught our eye this week. If you have an event that you want us to consider including, send it over.

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