Lite + Brite: 39 Trashy Austin Events 9/8

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This is a busy week. It seems like event planners were like, “Right, it’s after Labor Day, finally we can start organizing events because summer is over”—even though, to be clear, 1) summer does not officially end until September 23, and 2) IT IS STILL 105 DEGREES OUT.

Nonetheless, if you brave the heat, you shall be rewarded. Out there you can participate in a Pee-Wee Herman dance-off or a Jack Black-themed air guitar tournament. You can bounce literally or stylistically. If you go to the Austin Chronicle’s annual hot sauce festival, please be careful; do not eat one chip and die. I knew Star Wars had its own day, but this is my first time learning that Star Trek has a day, too. Apparently video games also have a day, which you can celebrate at a MarioKart tournament or a live rock performance of NES soundtracks. And of course you should come to our Thursday evening dance party in the dark, No Lights No Lycra! Scroll down for details on all these events and plenty more.

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Let’s do fun stuff!

—Leila + Brian


Our next No Lights No Lycra will be next Thursday, September 14, with tunes from guest DJ Phildoesit! You can listen to a playlist of music from our last edition here or scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for a track listing.

No Humans Allowed’s cosmic journey through the space continued this week. The fourth dimension is time, and this leg of the journey took NHA through some mid 80s italo, library, and synthpop tunes about eclipses, interplanetary journeys, outer space matrimony, and class M planets. Listen to Cosmic Journey II on the KPISS archives, or scroll down for the full tracklist + art. NHA is live every Wednesday at 6pm CT on

What is No Lights No Lycra?
Austin’s twice-monthly, judgment-free, substance-free, high-impact dance thing in the dark. It’s a DJ night that’s not at the club, a workout that’s not at the gym, a personal meditation that’s anything but silent. It’s produced by us, your kindly L+B overlords, and usually one or the other of us is on the hook for DJ duties. Read more about us in the Austin Chronicle. You can listen the kind of music we play over on Brian’s Mixcloud.


Friday 9/8

  • HUMP! Film Festival at Parish
    Titillating film fest spanning a wide range of sex prefs + kinks
  • Star Trek Day Party at the Ruiz Branch of the Austin Public Library
    “Star Trek themed crafts, activities, + pastries” (Don’t wear red)
  • FunBox Opening Day at Barton Creek Square
    “World’s Biggest Bounce Park” w/a very bouncy website also
  • Just Cos at Pershing
    Live music, “captivating cosplay,” + collectibles
  • Now That’s What I Call Poo-Poo Platter at Elysium
    Drag performers pay tribute to Barbie + the Eurodance era (90s)
  • Celtic Music Festival at Sherwood Forest Faire
    Live music, Scottish highland games, artisans, archery, + mead”
  • Eastside Kings Festival across East Austin
    Live music performances help preserve African American Blues, Jazz, + Gospel

Saturday 9/9

Sunday 9/10

  • Hot Sauce Festival at the Far Out Lounge
    Brave the heat in more ways than one
  • Slam Portal at the Long Time
    Our favorite interdimensional comedy pro wrestling event
  • The Bounce Motel at Austin Motel
    “Celebration of movement, music + culture; an oasis of joy + gyration”
  • Splash Dance at Austin Motel
    Poolside aerobics with Austin’s most creative aerobics instructor
  • Oita Japan Festival at the Asian American Resource Center
    “Japanese food + drink, kids’ activities, cultural education”
  • Family Day at Umlauf Sculpture Garden
    Activities like: sculpture scav hunt, seed bomb building, workshops
  • Cthonic Salon: Angels of Death at the Velvet Casket
    Chat about “walking the line between the heavenly + the infernal”
  • Kids Handmade Mini-Market at Austin Creative Reuse
    Buy goods hand made by kids + live music and Hawaiian ice
  • Eastside Kings Festival across East Austin
    Live music performances help preserve African American Blues, Jazz, + Gospel

Monday 9/11

  • Dam That Cancer at Lake Austin
    Take in a giant flotilla of paddleboarders raising $ for cancer
  • Silent Book Club at Double Trouble
    Silently read books together + optional sharing
  • ATX Short Film Showcase at the Spiderhouse Ballroom
    The films are short, the filmmakers are Texan + of varying heights
  • (weekly) Hyperreal Film Club at Hotel Vegas
    Watch a film called “Slumber Party Massacre,” which does what it says on the tin
  • Eastside Kings Festival across East Austin
    Live music performances help preserve African American Blues, Jazz, + Gospel

Tuesday 9/12

  • Bit Brigade at the Far Out Lounge
    NES-inspired band provides a live soundtrack for game speedrunning
  • MarioKart 64 Tournament at Kung Fu Saloon
    Celebrate video games by shelling everyone relentlessly in MarioKart 64
  • ART Club Social Hour at Art Direct
    Meet + mingle with artists + other artsy fartsy types
  • Eastside Kings Festival across East Austin
    Live music performances help preserve African American Blues, Jazz, + Gospel

Thursday 9/14

No Humans Allowed 163
Cosmic Journey II

Part 2 of Cosmic Journey, the interstellar excursion we’ve been on, aired this week, filled with spacey synthpop, italo, + library music. Press play for songs about outer space matrimony, interplanetary journeys, eclipses, and class M planets.

Stream Cosmic Journey II

David Van Tieghem – Number One
Karat – Der Blaue Planet (RFX Rework)
Blackway – New Life
Q – The Voice of Q
Anna – Systems Breaking Down (Luxxury Edit)
Jürgen Ecke – HAYH-HAYH
Electrik Funk – On a Journey (B.G. Baarregaard Rework)
Charlie – Spacer Woman
I:Cube – Hnt
John Cooper Clarke – (I Married a) Monster from Outer Space
Nini Raviolette – Suis-Je Normale
Software – Voice Bit
Frank Duval – Ogon
The Creatures – Solar Eclipse
Joël Fajerman – Racines Synthétiques (Boys from Patagonia Edit)

Brian Blackout’s award-winningdodgy European news coverage receivingweekly robots-themed radio show on internet station Machine vibes 4 machines. Songs for robots, androids, mandroids, cyborgs, AIs, cylons, skinjobs, roombas, wifi routers, smart devices, anything colored Bondi blue, and virtual assistants. Humans not required. Broadcasts live every Wednesday at 6pm CT on, with over 150 episodes now streamable in the archives on topics like and Beach SimulationsRoomba dance partiesundersea adventures + Cyber Texas.

No Lights No Lycra ATX 154
w/Brian Blackout

August 10th at West China Tea House

Listen to No Lights No Lycra 154

Kongas – Why Can’t We Live Together
Julien Love – Peace, Love, Technique
Claudia Telles – Foi como um Sonho (Patchouli Brothers Edit)
Khruangbin – Time (You and I)
Bee Gees – Night Fever
Happy Mondays – Step on
Flamingosis – Two Steppin’ into Fantasy
Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
Pino D’Angio – Ma Quale Idea
Missy Elliot – She’s a Bitch (Big Ass Manatee Remix)
Louis La Roché – Do You Remember?
Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Waffles – 007A
LCD Soundsystem – Tonite
Cathy Dennis – Just Another Dream
Apparel Wax – 005A1
Captain Hollywood Project – More and More
Basement Jaxx – Romeo
Junior Senior – Shake Your Coconuts (DFA Remix)
I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According to Plan
Romeo Void – Never Say Never
Wet Leg – Chaise Longue
Blur – Song 2
The New Radicals – You Get What You Give
Home – All at Once
Justine & the Victorian Punks – Still You


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How do we choose which events to feature?

Honestly, it’s pretty random. We might include anything in Austin that we, personally, would conceivably want to go to, generally excluding normal concerts, comedy shows, and movie showtimes because there are many other good resources for finding those. (We especially recommend Showlist for live music, The Darker Side of Austin for goth and metal stuff, and the 60+ Weirdest Things in Austin for exactly what it sounds like). This list is by no means exhaustive; it’s just stuff that caught our eye this week. If you have an event that you want us to consider including, send it over.

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