Lite + Brite: 26 Campy Austin Events 7/21

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It is rough out there, but our local venues and stores and public services are trying to make it a little better. Austin grocery stores are stepping up this weekend with free plant-based food and free ice cream. The Austin Public Library is also doing its part with a free carnival for all ages and free petting zoo for grown-ups. If you want more animals still, you can watch corgis race or watch kittens try to convince you to adopt them. A big new bar/dining/”entertainment complex” is having its grand opening all weekend long—we attended an event there during SXSW and can confirm that it’s a good space; it’ll be interesting to see what sort of stuff they book there. Venues on Red River once again band together to try to get you to leave your home in this heat. Personally, I’m only going outside if it’s to party in a pool or work out in a pool or watch a movie in a pool or get free drinks in a pool or at the very least get hit by a lot of water balloons, which is almost like a pool. Also, it’s time for our July edition of No Lights No Lycra! Scroll down for details on all this and more.

Separately, do you want a part-time job? It’s not with us, but it is with the Eureka Room, one of our all-the-time listings. We made a place to post and find gigs like this on our Discord, which we created to encourage people to discuss events like the ones we list.

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Let’s do fun stuff!

—Leila + Brian


No Lights No Lycra returns this Thursday at West China Tea House after nearly a month since our last NLNL. We’ll be continuing to dance through the dusk into the dark, and we’ve been using some creative lighting ideas and sunset-appropriate tunes. We’ll be back to 2nd and 4th Thursdays next month. You can listen to a playlist of music from June’s edition here or scroll to the bottom of this newsletter for a track listing.

There seems to be no saving us from this heat dome, but a small robot named A/C-9000 has taken upon itself to try. Listen in on No Humans Allowed, Brian’s radio show, as A/C-9000 attempts to keep the recording studio from reaching temperatures above 100 degrees despite all the scorching hot jams. Listen to A/C-9000 on the KPISS archives, or scroll down for the full tracklist + some of the goofiest episode art yet. NHA is live every Wednesday at 6pm on

Events We’re Eyeing

Friday 7/21

  • Sleepaway Camp at Suite 650
    Classic 80s horror film, VHS swaps, free popcorn + live synth music
  • Body Mechanics at the Electric Church
    One of our fave NYC DJs visits Austin’s “bizarre techno rave”
  • PowerPints at the Highball
    Make Clippy proud w/comedic presentations + pints of beer
  • B Scene at the Blanton
    Party at the art museum w/live music, drinks, + dancing
  • Hot Summer Nights at various venues on Red River
    A weekend of free concerts across all of Red River’s venues
  • Grand Opening Weekend at Inn Cahoots
    By 2033 we’ll be swimming in combo hotel/event space/food truck parks
  • (weekly thru 8/25) Float Films at the Austin Motel Pool
    Watch everyone’s favorite Austin stoner film poolside on South Congress

Saturday 7/22

  • KittyPalooza at the Austin Animal Center
    Meet + adopt the city’s hottest eligible kittens
  • Taste of Plant Based at Wheatsville South Lamar
    Free plant-based food samples + vegan cooking classes
  • Free Ice Cream at Central Market
    Clear your calendars, nothing bumps free ice cream
  • Summer of Love Pool Party at the Metropolis Apartments
    Poolside DJs spinning techno + house, plus some hot dogs and vodka
  • Christmas in July at Lala’s
    Nothing says Christmas quite like tiki drinks on a screamin hot day
  • Hoppy Hour at the University Hills Branch of Austin Public Library
    Unwind with adorable, low-allergy animals from Tiny Tails to You”
  • Summer Luau at Lustre Pearl South
    Tiki drinks, coffee cocktails, pig roast, face painting, bounce house
  • Totally Wired at Drinks Lounge
    Vinyl DJ makes Mark E. Smith proud w/punk, glam, + soul
  • Summer Carnival at the Little Walnut Creek Branch of Austin Public Library
    DJ, food, crafts, + “blacklight carnival games”
  • The Texas Metalesk Festival at Valhalla
    Brutal burlesque performers from across the state + country
  • Hot Summer Nights at various venues on Red River
    A weekend of free concerts across all of Red River’s venues
  • Grand Opening Weekend at Inn Cahoots
    By 2033 we’ll be swimming in combo hotel/event space/food truck parks

Sunday 7/23

  • Chunky Dunk Bearbie at the Austin Motel Pool
    DJ takeover of Austin Motel’s pool w/summer Barbie/bear vibes
  • Rancho Rio Water Balloon Fight at the Glassmith
    “Massive water balloon fight in the park” + a DJ
  • The Texas Metalesk Festival at Valhalla
    Brutal burlesque performers from across the state + country
  • Hot Summer Nights at various venues on Red River
    A weekend of free concerts across all of Red River’s venues
  • Grand Opening Weekend at Inn Cahoots
    By 2033 we’ll be swimming in combo hotel/event space/food truck parks
  • (weekly) Splash Dance at the Austin Motel Pool
    Poolside aerobics with Austin’s most creative aerobics instructor

Monday 7/24

  • (weekly) Hyperreal Film Club at Hotel Vegas
    Watch a film where Kirsten Dunst foils Nixon’s evil schemes

Wednesday 7/26

  • Corgi Races at Skinny’s
    Hoping the fastest Corgi will take on the fastest wiener dog

Thursday 7/27

No Humans Allowed 156

Only one thing can save us all from this fanatical dome of heat and it is our robotic savior, A/C-9000. Tune in this week to see if this little bot can keep us at 78 while we bring the heat.

Stream A/C-9000

De Lux – 875 Dollars
Keisuke Sakurai – Namkan “Calling You”
See Thru Hands – Hot City (Ruf Dug Remix)
Taboo – Don’t Let Me Go (RFX Edit)
Cabaret Voltaire – Here to Go
Holly Knight – Heart Don’t Fail Me Now
Aguila – El Sol Rojo
Aroop Roy – Save Our Love
Isamar & Compañía – No Estás
Page 2 – Help Me Now
Donny Benét – Cappuccino

Brian Blackout’s award-winningdodgy European news coverage receivingweekly robots-themed radio show on internet station Machine vibes 4 machines. Songs for robots, androids, mandroids, cyborgs, AIs, cylons, skinjobs, roombas, wifi routers, smart devices, anything colored Bondi blue, and virtual assistants. Humans not required. Broadcasts live every Wednesday at 6pm CT on, with over 150 episodes now streamable in the archiveson topics like and Beach SimulationsRoomba dance partiesundersea adventures + Cyber Texas.

No Lights No Lycra ATX 151
w/Brian Blackout

June 22nd at West China Tea House

Listen to No Lights No Lycra 151

Azymuth – Seems Like This
Renée – Change Your Style
Thundercat + Tame Impala – No More Lies
Primal Scream – Screamadelica (Ooft Edit)
Bee Gees – More Than a Woman (Danimalswanger Edit)
Flamingosis – Momento
Stevie Wonder – Superstition
Mount Liberation Unlimited – Climb Me Up
Tigercity – Are You Sensation
Paula Abdul – Opposites Attract (DFP Edit)
James – Laid
Mayer Hawthorne – Wine Glass Woman (Airplane Remix)
Prince – I Wanna Be Your Lover
Love De-Luxe – That Sound (TZ Dub version)
Heavy D & the Boyz – Now That We Found Love
Snap – Rhythm Is a Dancer
Hot Chip – Hungry Child
LCD Soundsystem – Disco Infiltrator
Pepsi Sine – Friendsomine
Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (LNTG Edit)
David Bowie + Queen – Under Pressure
Hall & Oates – You Make My Dreams
The New Radicals – You Get What You Give
Home – All at Once


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